Why did my AV/Firewall Detected a Virus when activating?
Most major AV’s have decided to flag KMSEmulator as a virus/hack tool, because it can be used for piracy and many AV’s flag cracks. The file is completely safe but you must add it to your AV exclusions for proper use of KMS activation.
So add AutoKMS, KMS Server Service, and Microsoft Toolkit to AV/Firewall exclusions. It seems also that some Firewalls cause issues with some LocalHost Bypass methods regardless of exclusion.
If using DLL Injection LocalHost Bypass, add %WINDIR%\Temp\SppExtComObjHook.dll and %LOCALAPPDATA%\Temp\SppExtComObjHook.dll to AV and Firewall exclusions.

Can I really trust these files?
They are confirmed safe by MDL community and our reputations would be damaged if we were trying to infect you, but if you still don’t trust the files don’t use KMS activation. You can use AutoRearm to keep Microsoft Office in grace period forever without any AV Configuration/False Positive hassles.

Why did KMS activation fail?
Be 100% sure your AV and any security products (including built in Windows Products) are not interfering. It is recommended to try reactivating with security products fully deactivated to isolate them as the possible cause.
In any other case, please post to the forum with the output when you attempted activation.

What if I have an issue or question not contained in this readme?
If you are experiencing a problem and you have read through relevant parts of the readme (99% of questions I am asked are contained here in the readme so I don’t answer those due to it being a lack of time and delaying those with questions/problems not in the readme. If you have a question that isn’t related to issues with activation troubleshooting, freely ask. Otherwise follow the troubleshooting steps so you can post all the info I need to help you.


Troubleshooting/Support Guide:

1. Please do not send support requests via PM. My PM fills up quick and other people besides me can help if you post it publicly.
2. Not following the rest of this guide will mean I will ignore the post. “KMS failed please help” does not give me enough info.
3. Be absolutely 100% positive no AV/Firewall/Security are interfering. There are few reasons KMS fails and this is the main one. Do not assume things are OK because no alert occurred, make sure things are excluded.

1. For whatever the problem is, if applicable, copy a full amount of the output/log. EX; If AutoKMS is failing get the AutoKMS.log contents, if another function is failing get all of the output sent to the Information Console.
2. Get the output of Check Activation Status
3. Post the output gathered in Step 2. If it is large, dump it to pastebin.org or a similar site and post the link to that dump in Microsoft Toolkit thread and explain that you had problems. You may have to obfuscate it (hxxp:// instead of http://) if your post count is too low to post links.